Update: Make It Matter Value

14 September, 2020

We continue to work through the sadness, disappointment, and anger surrounding racial inequality in our country.  This fight, this work, and the effort required for real change is far from over.  Equality and the celebration of diversity is an integral part of the Laramar culture.  As we all know, our ten Laramar Values speak to the heart of that culture and with this heightened focus and awareness, we look to our Values to communicate what it is we stand for.  Specifically, Make It Matter, comes to mind –

Make it Matter

How Make it Matter shows up at Laramar:

  • They communicate thoughtfully and take advantage of opportunities to showcase greatness both internally and externally.
  • They invest their time and support to help a co-worker, customer, or the community at large.
  • They make significant impact to the way we do business that saves us time, money—and improves our service offering.

Speak and act from a place of impact.

It’s imperative that we, as a company, speak from a place of impact.  Adding a statement to this definition is our way of embedding our dedication and focus into the heart of who we are.

  • They demonstrate respect for all people, fighting with integrity and bravery, toward a workplace and community free of bias or discrimination.

Guided by our values, we’re honored to cultivate an environment where everyone can thrive, because of their differences. Inclusion is about the actions we take each day.  Think about conversations or situations where you can be introduced to new ideas and perspectives or encourage those who may feel like outsiders to join in on a conversation.  It is through this conversation that shared ideas and perspectives can foster the diverse and inclusive culture of Laramar.

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