2021 Q2 Laramar Love Award Winners

06 August, 2021

Let us celebrate all we accomplished in Q2 2021 – We are thrilled to announce and honor the Q2 2021 Recognize Award Winners! Laramar Love Recognize is our internal recognition platform.

  • In Q2 Laramar sent a total of 2906 badges to team members
  • We launched Recognize Rewards and 3 new badges (excellence, problem solver and engagement)
  • We love to Make it Happen; it continues to be the most used badge. In Q2, there were 637 Make it Happen badges sent, and we know how to Go for Wow which came in second with 603 badges sent.  

Our values bind us together and set us apart.  They reflect what we believe, how we act and ways we thrive.  Our values matter because they drive our culture – how we show up, operate, collaborate, and celebrate here at Laramar.

Be What’s Next | James Derrico | Sales & Marketing Manager Chicago Local

James joined the Laramar team in April of 2020 and he embraces new ideas and stays curious about everything!  One of our coworkers says it best here, “You’ve been amazing during the Funnel rollout!  Without your help, we wouldn’t have the system functioning the way it should. Keep the questions and feedback coming!” Way to Be What’s Next James!

Make It Matter | Kayla Salyer | Regional Marketing Manager 

Kayla, you Make It Matter by speaking and acting from a place of impact!  “Thank you for assisting with the additional marketing for Edgewood!  And for walking me through navigating the new advertising site! Excited to see this bring some additional leases!”  Kudos from another coworker, “Thank you to Kayla for creating all the amazing marketing for us! Crushed it!”

Own It | Kristen Schultz | Portfolio Manager | Denver Local

Kristen thank you for taking initiative and Owning It!  A few of our coworkers describe Kristen’s strengths in owning it, “Great job on 100% responses to the Ellis surveys last week! Thank you for making this a priority!” and “Thank you for handling DUPS lender inspections! You coordinated with the team to ensure the properties were looking good, you noticed residents and you were ready for any questions thrown at you!”

Make it Happen | Allie Minarik | Software Support Analyst

Allie, thank you looking for a way and doing whatever it takes to Make It Happen! “Thank you for all your help getting our teams switched over in several systems!  What we thought would be quick and easy, wasn’t, but you were quick to get it fixed!” Sometimes it’s the little things that Make it Happen too, “Thank you for helping a teammate with sight plan this morning.”

Make it Better Together | Virginia Alexander | CM at Gregory Cove

Making it better together is vital to the success at Laramar and Virginia lived this value by looking for opportunities for her team members to grow and learn.  Here, one of our coworkers describes how Virginia is Making it Better Together, “Thanks for sending one of your Maintenance Techs to interview with the Creekfront team.  I appreciate you recognizing his strengths and encouraging the opportunity.  I Laramar LOVE when a team member can grow within our family.” #MakeItBetterTogether

Go for Wow | Aumbree Whitmarsh | Leasing | Denver Local

Aumbree, thank you for pushing possibilities and driving a bigger impact, way to Go for Wow! You made a big positive impact in Q2 and one of your team members describes it best here, “Way to go on getting your first lease at DUPs!” and “Way to go for WOW on a recent tour at Metropolis!  She was a walk in, and you quickly took care of her, and she gave you 10 out of 10 on her survey!”

Build Trust | Rigoberto Munoz | Maintenance Tech | Chicago Local

Rigoberto, thank you for doing what’s right, not what’s easy and Building Trust with coworkers and residents.  Here one of our coworkers says it best, “Amazing work, Rigo!” See the feedback from a resident, “Good evening! Rigoberto came by on Monday to install my A/C unit for me. He was kind and accommodating – I appreciate his help getting my A/C set up!”

Be Humble | Madison McNamara | Admin Assistant | Dock Street MN 

Madison, thank you for all you do to get stuff done and Be Humble! Two of your coworkers say it best here, “Thanks for helping with a move in on my day off.” “Thank you for sending over that PM notice template that Dock Street Flats uses! It helped save me time today!” Lastly, “Your expertise on social media and resident customer service is outstanding!”

Stay Nimble | Liesa Adkins | CM at Brook Run and Luna Park

Liesa, thank you for your ability and dedication to test and learn, to pivot and grow and Stay Nimble through it all! One of our coworkers describes your ability to Stay Nimble best here, “Thanks for always being nimble and so willing to assist at other properties. I truly appreciate you stepping in to support so much!”

Enjoy the Ride | Danny Celedon | ACM | The Morgan Chicago

Danny spread joy and enjoyed the ride in Q2 2021!  There is a great photo on recognize of Danny wearing a taco hat in celebration of Taco Tuesday at a resident event, way to Enjoy the Ride! One of our coworkers shared a photo of his art and gave kudos too, “Awesome job Danny on your power hour drawing! You Rock!” #EnjoyTheRide