2021 Q3 Laramar Love Recognize Award Winners

05 November, 2021

Let us celebrate all we accomplished in Q3 2021- We are thrilled to announce and honor the Q3 2021 Recognize Award Winners!

• In Q3 Laramar sent a total of 2,402 badges to team members!
• We strive to Make it Happen; it continues to be the most used badge.
• In Q3, there were 455 Make it Happen badges sent! We showed how much we care for the business and each other by sending 418 Make it Better Together badges. Go for Wow came in right behind with 410 badges sent.

Our values bind us together and set us apart. They reflect what we believe, how we act and ways we thrive. Our values matter because they drive our culture – how we show up, operate, collaborate, and celebrate here at Laramar.

Be What’s Next | Nalania King & Andy Stewart | Accounting Managers – Corporate Office
Nalania and Andy teamed up to Be What’s Next in many ways in Q3 2021. Here are a few kudos from coworkers: “Thank you for putting all the effort in on the monthly disposition, acquisition checklist. These are great tools and I really thank you for all your dedication and mentorship!” “Another quarter in the books! Great job getting the QCDs over the finish line and creating a “cheat sheet” to assist Asset Management with their review.” Way to Be What’s Next Nalania and Andy!

Make it Matter | Krystle Austin | Community Manager at Eden’s Garden – IL
Krystle, you Make It Matter by speaking and acting from a place of impact! “Love hearing my team step up to the plate and be the first to answer during training calls with confidence! Showing off those smarts! Great answer on today’s question during the Affordable Accounting Series! Way to Make It Matter!” and “I am so excited to welcome your new Maintenance Supervisor to Eden’s Garden! Thank you for all that you have done over the past few months to keep the property running smoothly.”

Own It | Brennon Kampsen | Assistant Portfolio Manager – Local by Laramar Minneapolis
Brennon, you walk the talk and live up to every promise. Thank you for Owning It! A few of our coworkers describe Brennan’s strengths in owning it, “Shout out to you for making the new and improved leasing calendar! I think that is going to be so helpful!” and “Thank you for jumping in and adopting the trash cans at 215! It’s so helpful to have the office team go the extra mile while we have open maintenance positions.”

Make it Happen | Corey Sipinick | Community Manager at City Gate – CO
Corey, thank you for looking for a way and doing whatever it takes to Make It Happen! A few of our coworkers say it best, “Occupancy is up to 93.78¾ – well done!” “Thanks for the help lifting a fridge into the back of my truck a couple weeks ago. When no one else was around you came through for me. Thanks buddy.” Corey stepped in to help at Archer Tower recently, “Thank you for all your help, Corey! We appreciate you so much for stepping in during this time to help us! You have been so helpful when it comes to answering questions and getting things done.”

Make it Better Together | Martin Saucedo | Maintenance Supervisor at City Gate – CO
Making it better together is vital to the success at Laramar and Martin lived this value in Q3 2021. Here, one of our coworkers describes how Martin is Making it Better Together, “It took a village, and you were the one who came through in the end! Thanks for helping to solve our key debacle this morning at City Gate. You saved the day!” “Almost every Ellis Survey I read mentions how great you are! Even the Move in and Lead Conversion surveys mention how friendly the maintenance personnel was. Waiving to them in the hallway, saying hello, holding doors while prospects are on tour, and so much more. Thanks for making it better together and making it even easier for the leasing staff to close the deal!
Who wouldn’t want to live at City Gate with a Maintenance Rockstar like you?!”

Go for Wow | Stephanie Westervoorde | Leasing Consultant – Local by Laramar Denver
Stephanie, thank you for pushing possibilities and driving a bigger impact – way to Go for Wow! You made a big positive impact in Q3 2021 and a few of your team members describe it best here, “Thank you so much for your help yesterday with Preventative Maintenance! You’re a leasing rock star, but there’s a future in maintenance if you want it because you killed it!!! With your help, we were able to complete over 80 apartments!! Thank you!” and “Great job on having your move in fill out the inventory check list and attaching it to their account. Today during lease audits, you were the only one to have it uploaded! I know it can be difficult getting those back, great job on communicating with the resident!”

Build Trust | Victor Chavez | Maintenance Supervisor at Archer Tower – CO
Victor, thank you for doing what’s right, not what’s easy and for Building Trust with coworkers and residents. Here, one of our coworkers says it best: “Thanks for helping me get the work orders down to the single digits I appreciate it!” and from a resident “I had the best experience during a very difficult maintenance issue. The whole office handled the problem quickly and professionally. The manager Brady and most especially, the maintenance supervisor, Victor, were genuinely concerned and wanted to correct the issue for me to be safe and comfortable in my apartment. I am very appreciative for their help and effectiveness! Thank you!”

Be Humble | Garret Hager | Leasing Consultant at Dock Street Flats – MN
Garret, thank you for all you do to get stuff done and Be Humble! Your coworkers say it best: “You ROCK – it’s that simple! Leasing, customer service, can-do attitude, and humor! I always appreciate the laughs!” and “Great job for renting #200 for a quick move in this weekend, Garret!”

Stay Nimble | Jackie Spruell | Community Manager at Gardens at Pryor Creek – OK
Jackie, thank you for your ability and dedication to test and learn, to pivot and grow and Stay Nimble through it all! A few our coworkers describe your ability to Stay Nimble best: “Thanks for taking the time to go over some ledger HAP & Rent adjustments with me. I appreciate you making the time to pivot and grow- and for taking notes so that you can continue to tackle these in the future!” and “Thank you for being so nimble with the file audit that Lisa is working with you on! I know you will do great; I know it’s a fast turnaround time expectation from the state.”

Enjoy the Ride | Gary Scherer | Maintenance Supervisor at Prairie Oaks – WI
Gary spread hoy and enjoyed the ride during a resident event! One of Gary’s coworkers gives him kudos here, “I saw that you were CHEF of the DAY today for your resident event! Grilling for our amazing residents, whom I know greatly appreciated it! It looked delicious! Thank you for always going the extra mile! You are on in a million Gary! Appreciate all you do!”