December 2020 Laramar Promotions

17 December, 2020

We are thrilled to announce numerous internal promotions this month.  Congratulations to Macy Devyak on her recent promotion to Human Resources Administrator.  Over the last year and a half, Macy has identified areas in which we can improve our systems and processes to enhance the experience for all coworkers, all while keeping us compliant.  Macy’s attention to detail, excellent communication and perseverance keep us moving forward in the right direction.,.  Way to Go For Wow Macy!

We are happy to announce the promotion of Jay Wadsworth to Senior Property Accountant!  Jay joined Laramar in June 2017 as a Junior Accountant and was quickly promoted to the Property Accountant role in February 2018. Over the last year, Jay has shown an ability to Be Nimble by taking over the entire affordable portfolio. while assisting. Jay has also Built Trust not only with the team in the field, but with his accounting teammates as well by serving as a resource for his peers and helping to onboard new team members. Please join me in congratulating Jay as he moves into his new role and continues to Be What’s Next!

In addition, congratulations are in order for Brittney Risinger on her recent promotion to Senior Construction Accountant!  Since early 2017 Brittney has provided consistent commitment to the construction accounting team’s success.  She has played an important role in identifying issues, putting new processes into place and providing valuable feedback.  She consistently offers outstanding service to her customers and maintains a positive attitude that resonates with everyone she works with.  We are excited to see how Brittney continues to BE WHAT’S NEXT in her new role. Excellent job Brittney, you MAKE IT HAPPEN!

We are also eager to announce the promotion of Sarah Kendall to Director of Software Support! Sarah joined Laramar in June 2018 as the Software Support Manager and has since built a strong team that brought software support in-house. Team Software Makes it Happen by handling Laramar software troubleshooting, testing, pilots, upgrades, and roll outs across all communities, management companies, and corporate departments.  Sarah’s ability to Be Nimble has been proven over this year with many adaptations due to COVID including creating an online process for affordable applications, setting up and training a new deferral process, making global payment processing changes, rolling out automatic late fees, and supporting continuous adjustments. In her new role, Sarah will take on more of managing the Yardi relationship and partnering with new software/technology pilots.

Dawn Robinson has been promoted to Area Manager overseeing our Vesty Park and Axis properties in Denver, and will also oversee our two affordable  properties in New Mexico.  Since joining the Laramar team in December 2017 as a Portfolio Manager for Denver Local, Dawn has shown that Making It Happen is part of her DNA.

In addition, Stephanie Sellstrom will be transitioning to a new role for Laramar as Director of Innovation and Technology reporting to John Homer.  She will be focused on the pilot technologies coming from the work Nine Four Ventures is doing and helping facilitate those pilots onsite.  Since joining Laramar in September 2018, Stephanie has been all about Being What’s Next with a knack for new technology and creativity!