Laramar Q1 2022 Recognize Awards

09 May, 2022

We are delighted to celebrate and honor the Q1 2022 Recognize Award Winners! Every quarter the Award winners receive a $50 gift card and mix tile with the badge they won.

  • In Q1 we sent a record number of recognitions 3,864 to team members (that’s a 1,670 more than Q4 2021)
  • The custom Employee Appreciation Day badge was a big hit, we celebrated each other and the work that we do with pizazz, sending 600 badges in less than a week. In Q1, we Went for Wow by Making it Better Together! We came together to support each other by Making it Happen one day at a time.

Go For Wow | Jamal Cheatham | Maintenance Tech | CO

Jamal pushed possibilities and drove a bigger impact, way to Go for Wow! He made a big positive impact in Q1 2022, one of our coworkers says it best here, “City Gate could not have done it without you this past week! Thank you for holding down the maintenance side of the City Gate fort this week! You handled work orders, emergencies, move ins and helped with the major repairs going. You did this all while being the only maintenance on property the last 10 days! You are appreciated more than you know.” “Big Shout out to you! You’ve been chipping away at work orders and turns, keeping open work orders at a minimum and you’re all around incredible. Thank you, Jamal!”

Make it Better Together | Shauniece Taylor | Area Manager | VA

Way to Make it Better together Shauniece! This value is vital to the success at Laramar. Here, one of our coworkers describes how Shauniece is Making it Better Together, “It was fantastic to meet you and learn about all your great ideas! I appreciated your creative approach to problem solving. It is clear to me that you are passionate about your team and the work you do.” Another coworker said, “Thank you for helping me get the bulk items removed off the properties. We figured out a solution and executed it. Thanks again.”

Make it Happen | Rostin Williams-Henke | Maintenance Tech | CO

Rostin, thank you looking for a way and doing whatever it takes to Make It Happen! A few of our coworkers say it best, “You are amazing Rostin. Waking up 1st thing on a Saturday to help us out and get an apartment ready! And always doing it all with a great attitude and a smile on your face.” “Thank you for taking time out of your day to help me get my standing desk all set up! You always make sure to not only take care of the residents but the office staff as well!” You know how to make it happen Rostin, we appreciate you!

Make It Matter | Kathy Madison | Community Manager | IL

Kathy, you Make It Matter by speaking and acting from a place of impact! “A shout out to you for strong performance in January, way to start off the year exceeding NOI! Excellent Work!” “A great visit today! Covey looks great and we really appreciate your input on our upcoming amenities and how you push for what your residents need and want! Thank you for sharing your morning with us and excellent job on leasing the units so quickly.”

Own It | Jim Hindert | Maintenance Supervisor | CO

Jim, you took initiative and are owning it!  A few of our coworkers describe Jim’s strengths here, “Thank you for Owning It with the new weekly reports we rolled out this year! You have been on top of the weekly vendor updates, building walks, vacant walks and staffing updates and you crushed snow removal this week. You are so appreciated!”

Be What’s Next | Grace Jones | Leasing Consultant | MO  

Grace lived the Be What’s Next value in many ways in Q4 2021, below are a few kudos from coworkers. “Way to be what’s next with zero corrections on a file you did all on your own! Way to go!” “Today and everyday you observe and learn as you are new in your position. Today you applied your knowledge to your daily tasks, and you completed the application process smoothly. You take constructive feedback and apply it to your daily tasks. Congratulations, sending off a file today!” We really appreciate your ability to welcome new ideas and stay curious about everything.

Build Trust | Kenya Bowie | Portfolio Manager | MN

Kenya, you consistently do what’s right, not what’s easy and your ability to communicate honestly and respectfully every day through thick and thin is admirable. Thank you for building trust every day, here a coworker describes it best, “You are truly an amazing leader, and I appreciate your partnership. Thank you for our calls today and all your follow up this week. Your dedication to your team and your residents is incredible. I appreciate all you are doing every day. Thank you, Kenya!”

Stay Nimble | Joey Hahn | Payroll Manager | CO

In Q1 2022, Joey lived the Stay Nimble value regularly by testing, learning, and adjusting to meet a variety of business needs and requests. Here a few coworkers say it best, “I appreciate your patience with all the pivots and changes this week with the many status changes. You’re amazing!” “So much happening this week! Thank you for staying nimble, adjusting to change, and rolling with the punches. Appreciate your partnership.”

Be Humble | Chester Lamar | Maintenance Supervisor | IL

Chester, thank you for all you do to get the job done and Be Humble! Your coworkers say it best here, “Chester you are super man! While short staffed you completed 66 work orders last week, you are keeping the grounds looking great, and managing to find time to organize and get the shop together! Your safety area looked amazing! You focus on the residents and always do it with a smile! We appreciate you so much! Thank you for all that you do!” “Wow – 66 work orders completed last week while being short staffed. Great job Chester!”

Enjoy the Ride | Kristen Schultz | Portfolio Manager | CO

Kristen took time to celebrate victories and she spread joy by Enjoying the Ride in Q1 2022. One of our coworkers describes it best here, “I love to be in the other room and hear you laugh. I know you love your job and it’s infectious. Keep being you!” “Great asset call today – exciting to see such amazing progress! Thank you!” Lastly, “Shoutout to Kristen for giving the team some goodie bags for V-Day. Always feel the love when I’m working here.”

Our values bind us together and set us apart.  They reflect what we believe, how we act and ways we thrive.  Our values matter because they drive our culture – how we show up, operate, collaborate, and celebrate here at Laramar.