Q2 Laramar Love Award Winners

14 August, 2020

Our values bind us together and set us apart. They reflect what we believe, how we act and ways we thrive. They matter because they drive our culture—how we operate, collaborate and celebrate.

In January 2020, we launched a new recognition program, #LaramarLove (living our values every day). We are excited to announce and celebrate Q2 2020 Recognition Award Winners! first, come fun facts:

  • In Q2, 2290 badges were sent to Laramar team members!
  • Make It Happen is the most widely used badge. In Q2, there were 559 Make it Happen badges sent, with Go for Wow coming in second with 449 badges sent. Thank you for all that you do each day to Make it Happen and Go for Wow!

Be What’s Next: Alanna Maikovich

This seems particularly fitting since Alanna was recently promoted to Area Manager for Denver Urban. “Alanna is always coming up with new ways and ideas for team bonding, which brings a smile to everyone’s face, gets us outside our comfort zones and makes us better, both as individuals and as a team! Thank you for being what’s next!” Congratulations and high fives on your new role Alanna!

Own it: John Padilla

John has been a Maintenance Supervisor with Laramar since December 2018 and he continuously represents our core value Own It! “You continually think outside of the box when it comes to tough issues. We have been having heat issues with an apartment at E. Kentucky and you produced a genius idea that not only solved the problem quickly for the resident, but also saved us thousands of dollars in repairs. You Owned It and stuck to your guns with the vendor and it paid off! Thanks for always thinking creatively and with a budget forward mind.”

Make it Matter: Carla Schumacher

Congratulations and high fives to Carla who recently stepped into a new role of Area Vice President. “Huge shout-out to you! Thank you for being supportive and continuously checking in on me and our teams. I appreciate your efforts to see how we are doing, how you can help us, and just stopping by to be a shining smile.”

Make it Happen: Denae Shreve

Denae has been with Laramar since April 2018. Most recently she took the position as Community Manager at Courtney Manor where she has helped Make it Happen! “I know there was a lot of work to be done at Courtney Manor when you transferred there, and I want to let you know how great of a job you’re doing. It has not gone unnoticed, thank you for all of your hard work!”

Make it Better Together: Jeni Bierling

Making it Better Together is essential to our success as a company and Jeni knows how to bring people together to do just that. “The training you hosted this morning was TOP NOTCH (as always) …. You bring the BEST energy and keep everyone drawn in! Thank you for bringing us all together and training on the changes in managing our guests and prospects.”

Go for Wow: Dawn Robinson

Dawn has been Going for Wow with and for Laramar since December 2017 and she pushes the possibilities and drives a bigger impact in her work daily. “Thank you for always encouraging me to try new thing and giving me motivation every day.” With Dawn’s leadership, she and her team were able to accomplish a double-digit leasing week with 13 new applications during a summer holiday week!

Build Trust: Marcia Harrison

Doing what’s right, not what’s easy. Sharing mistakes and communicating honestly and respectfully. This is how we build trust at Laramar and what Marcia has been recognized for. “Marcia has been tireless in her research about amenities, particularly pool opening in Florida. She has paved to way for our other properties. Thank you, Marcia.”

Be Humble: Kelly Kutowy

Supporting the Leadership Team and the entire organization is no small task and doing it without ego is even harder, but Kelly does it day after day, with genuine care and intention. “Thank You Kelly for always bringing a smile to our world.” The LOOP is awesome and lots of work to put together. Thank you for taking the time to bring some fun into our lives and for sharing with everyone.” Another example is, “Appreciate all the conversations and feedback today on the service request pilot and pool opening pilot. Thank you all for helping us get through these crazy times of COVID property and maintenance operations.”

Stay Nimble: Mandi Grandgeorge

Way to be an example of testing and learning, pivoting and growing! “We are impressed with everything you and your team manage each day. Thank you for your questions, engagement, and investment to using CLO to your best advantage! Way to Stay Nimble and be open to the possibilities of this system! We appreciate you!”

Enjoy the Ride: Jose Salazar

It is so important to celebrate victories and spread joy today and continuously, thank you Jose for Enjoying the Ride! “You never turn away a challenge, and you continually have a smile on your face, no matter what is thrown your way! You have a positive attitude, and that makes the ride enjoyable for everyone around.”