Q3 Laramar Love Award Winners

06 November, 2020

Our values bind us together and set us apart. They reflect what we believe, how we act and ways we thrive. They matter because they drive our culture – how we operate, collaborate and celebrate here at Laramar.

In January 2020, we launched a new recognition program, #LaramarLOVE (Living Our Values Everyday) and as we ended QTR 3 with almost 7000 total recognitions sent to date. We are excited to announce and celebrate Q3 2020 Recognize Award Winners! First, some fun facts:

  • In the 3rd quarter, 1901 badges were sent to Laramar team members!
  • Make it Happen holds the lead in as the most popular badge. In Q3, there were 430 Make it Happen Badges sent and Make It Better Together came in second with 361 badges Laramar – Thank you for all that you do each day to Make it Happen and Make it Better Together!

Q3 2020 Awards

Be What’s Next: Nicholas Paige Community Manager at Axis Nine Mile in Denver, CO

Nicholas joined the Laramar team in July of 2020 as the CM at Axis Nine Mile and stepped into the role with a great combination of curiosity and a problem-solving mindset. “Amazing job on getting the community fully occupied and 7 new leases last week! Thank you for all of your hard work and dedication.” Another coworker said, “Nick just started and is already running things like he has been here for months, the ideas and plans he has for the team are great. Nick is a perfect example of, Be What’s Next.” Thank you for being what’s next, we’re so happy you are here!

Own It: Emily Briggs Leasing Consultant at Local by Laramar – Denver

Emily recently celebrated her two-year anniversary with Laramar! This coworker describes her strengths in owning it beautifully, “Day in and day out, you give it your all, and you are always striving towards a solution for a resident or finding a new home for a prospective Way to Own It and love what you do! It’s awesome to hear the excitement you have for your job and the level of care you give to each Thank you and keep being awesome!” Way to walk the talk and create an exceptional experience for our current and future residents.

Make it Matter: 2 winners in Quarter 3 – Samantha Amoako-Boateng Regional Manager & Sandie Koehler Learning and Development

Both Samantha and Sandie Made it Matter in big ways in QTR 3 2020 and we are so excited to honor them and the work they are doing to speak and act from a place of impact! Here’s what one coworker said about Samantha, “It has been incredibly invaluable having you visit properties, complete inspections, providing teams with thoughtful feedback to help them grow. I appreciate all the effort with the meaningful conversation we are having creating action plans to improve performance. You have such a thoughtful approach with all that you do! And Sandie, here’s what one coworker shared about you, “Just a quick thank you for making it matter day in and out. For all the behind scenes work, conversations and heart that you put in, thank you. You are a treasure!” Thank you, Samantha, and Sandie for Making it Matter!

Make it Happen: Kelly Gallo Leasing Consultant at Brook Run in Arlington Heights, IL

Kelly has been Making it Happen with Laramar since February 2018! “Impressive work, not only do you only have 1 unit left to lease and trending at 99% but you also have stepped up to help a sister property with lead management and cleared over or touched 100 leads! Thank you for all your hard work and making it happen every day!”

Make it Better Together: Alanna Maikovich Area Manager at Local by Laramar – Denver

Making it better together is essential to our success as a company and Alanna knows how to bring people together to do just that. “Congrats on your promotion to Area Manager. We are so proud of you and the impact you have made at Laramar and with Denver Local. Here’s to many more years together!” Big high fives to Alanna for bringing team members together by living Laramar’s value and making it better together every day!

Go for Wow: Eric Thomas Maintenance Technician at Local by Laramar – Denver

Eric has been Going for Wow with and for Laramar since July 2020 and he pushes the possibilities and drives a bigger impact in his work daily. “Way to go for wow and complete 113 work orders last week on top of everything else we have going on and being down a groundskeeper. You continue to give 110% week after week!” and another coworker said, “A resident called and was very upset because their mailbox had go broken into. I asked if they had called maintenance to let them know. They had and while I was on the phone with them you knocked on their door with new mailbox keys. It doesn’t get much better than that. I love taking pride in our maintenance team. The resident was so impressed, I asked if he’d write a review and sure enough, he did! Way to Wow them!”

Build Trust: Becky Bornstein Regional Manager in Minneapolis, MN

Doing what’s right, not what’s easy. Sharing mistakes and communicating honestly and respectfully. This is how we build trust at Laramar and what Becky has been recognized for often in Q3. “Thank you for the valuable guidance and wonderful training! You are an amazing resource and always reliable! I look forward to my future with Laramar and growing with you!” Another coworker said, “We have always worked closely together, most recently you have done an outstanding job with your communication, follow up and helping me learn all things MN over the past few weeks! All your effort in making sure I am being looped in with client communications, follow ups. I appreciate you going above and beyond!”

Be Humble: Michelle Quintero Leasing Consultant at Canon de Arrowhead in Albuquerque, NM

Michelle stepped up with no ego or politics when asked to lead the daily tasks at Canon de Arrowhead during a recent due diligence trip, see what her coworkers have to say about her living Laramar’s Be Humble value in action, “Big shout out to Michelle for running the office at Canon de Arrowhead during the due diligence at Rio You are such a team player.”

Stay Nimble: Eduardo Giron Maintenance Manager at Local by Laramar – Chicago

Way to be an example of testing and learning, pivoting and growing! Thank you so much for always being nimble and pivoting with the business needs! Your positive, can-do attitude and determination to make things happen is truly appreciated. “Your first two months have brought several challenges and you never missed a beat, pivoting always with a positive “can do” attitude. Glad you are on our team!”

Enjoy the Ride: Luis Rojo Virgen Maintenance Technician at Axis Nine at Mile Station in Denver, CO

More than ever it’s imperative for us to take time to celebrate victories and spread joy thank you for doing just that Luis! “Luis brings a liveliness to the team. He hangs in through the¬†tough times and puts a smile on everyone’s face, he’s always there to build up the team and¬†provide a laugh when needed. Thank you for making the ride enjoyable.”